Seized Tobacco Products in Kyrgyzstan

Seized Tobacco Products in Kyrgyzstan
Tobacco products were seized in Kyrgyzstan during a customs anti-smuggling operation. Several vehicles were searched and goods without proper documentation were found.

The images of the confiscated tobacco products were obtained from KG INFORM.

According to a report by the GTS News Service of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, on November 20th, in Osh region, employees of the Southwest Customs Department were taking measures to prevent, prohibit, and detect violations of EAEU and Kyrgyz Republic customs legislation when they inspected a Honda Stewgn vehicle as part of their crackdown on smuggling and violations of customs rules. During the inspection, 111 packs of gold cigarettes were discovered in the vehicle, totaling 20 boxes containing 50 packs each (10,000 packs), without consumption tax stamps or transportation documents.

According to the conclusion of evaluators from a professional company, the cost of the detained goods was 500,000 soms (approximately 30,000 RMB).

During the inspection of Mercedes-Benz's ATGO cars, similar smuggling activities were also discovered.

During a truck inspection, the cargo was identified as cigarettes without a consumption tax seal or transportation documents. The brand is as follows:

The seized goods include 9 boxes of 50 packages each (4,500 packages) of Oris Hi Tech hollow filter, 30 boxes of 50 packages each (15,000 packages) of Oris Elite, 10 boxes of 50 packages each (5,000 packages) of MG Carbon, and 12 boxes of 50 packages each (6,000 packages) of New York Milan. Experts from the evaluation company have concluded that the cost of the detained goods is 151,000 Sum (approximately 10,000 RMB).

These goods are registered in AIS ZHUI and according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the transfer of these materials falls within its jurisdiction.


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