South Portland May Ban Flavored Tobacco Products

South Portland May Ban Flavored Tobacco Products
South Portland may become the next area in Maine to ban flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

South Portland in the United States could potentially become the next area in Maine to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products.

According to a proposed law, violators will be fined $500 and subsequent violations may increase up to $2,500 (about 17,000 RMB).

The proposed ban would prohibit tobacco products that have any flavor or smell related to fruits, menthol, wintergreen, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, honey, or any candy, dessert, alcoholic beverage, herb, or spice.

Spectrum News has reported that a public hearing was held by the city council on December 6th. The ordinance being proposed aims to prevent young people from developing an addiction to nicotine.

According to media reports, South Portland attempted to implement a ban in 2019, but it stalled partly due to Maine not having any other communities doing so.

Now, following unanimous votes in their city councils, both Bangor and Portland have banned flavored tobacco earlier this year.

A recent study found that among 3,500 adult e-cigarette users surveyed, less than 5% quit smoking due to the US flavor ban.

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