The Rise of Disposable E-cigarettes in Slovenia

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The Rise of Disposable E-cigarettes in Slovenia
According to Vaporvoice, disposable e-cigarettes are the mainstream product in Slovenia's local market, with high taxes on e-liquid.

According to a report on August 27th by Vaporvoice, a visit was made to the local e-cigarette market in Slovenia, a member of the European Union. The report focused on interviews conducted with two distributors, Vape On and VAPEX, revealing the following findings:


In Slovenia, disposable e-cigarettes have become widely popular and are considered mainstream products.


In Slovenia, there is an additional tax of 18 euro cents (approximately 1.3 Chinese yuan) per milliliter of e-liquid. This means that a small bottle of 25 milliliters of nicotine e-liquid will incur an additional tax of 4.5 euros (approximately 36 yuan). The same tax rate applies to zero-nicotine products as well. Coupled with the value-added tax, the prices of open system e-cigarettes have significantly increased, making disposable e-cigarettes a more cost-effective option.


In Slovenia, regulations prohibit the sale of pre-mixed e-liquid flavors. A 60ml bottle of own-brand e-liquid is priced at 19 euros (approximately 150 RMB). However, this e-liquid does not contain nicotine and lacks flavoring. Users must separately purchase nicotine and flavorings to customize their desired taste.


In Slovenia, the business model of "e-cigarette + coffee shops" and "e-cigarette + bars" is continuously emerging.


Vapex stores sell HHC products, a legal alternative to marijuana and THC, mainly in the form of gummies or herbal blends. However, HCC cannot be openly sold and is only available for purchase when customers specifically request it, at which point the store owner can proceed with the sale.


The owner of VAPEX explained the e-cigarette regulations in Croatia, which differ from those in Slovenia. Croatia's regulations are aligned with Germany's, the owner stated, adding that if Germany decides to limit or regulate flavors, Croatia may follow suit.


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The disposable vaping products hold a dominant position in Slovenia’s vaping industry.


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