Developments and Trends in the E-cigarette Industry

Developments and Trends in the E-cigarette Industry
Yinghe Technology's H1 2023 financial report reveals a 3.84% YoY increase in revenue, driven by its e-cigarette business.

On August 25th, Winha Technology released its interim financial report for the first half of 2023. The company's operating revenue amounted to 4.801 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year growth of 3.84%. Notably, the e-cigarette business generated a revenue of 1.433 billion yuan, recording an exceptional growth of 1477.33%. The operating profit reached 485 million yuan, with a net profit of 417 million yuan.

With the rapid development of the e-cigarette industry, the concept stocks of e-cigarettes are receiving increasing attention.

According to the stock trading platform Eastern Wealth, as of the closing data at 3 PM on August 25th, among the e-cigarette concept stocks, 29 experienced a decline while only 6 witnessed an increase. The average decrease in value for e-cigarette concept stocks was 1.68%.

The six stocks that recorded gains are Jingjia Co., Jincheng Pharm, Winjoint Technology, Jinlong Electrical and Mechanical, Xiaosong Co., and Sunhao Co. They saw respective increases of 2.2%, 2.65%, 0.63%, 19.98%, 0.97%, and 0.09%.

According to a search on the Oriental Fortune website, the concept stock of e-cigarettes includes Huabao shares, Jiyou shares, Luxun Precision, Penghui Energy, Yiwu Lithium Energy, Shuobo Technology, Minxin Technology, Fuman Micro, Winhe Technology, Wogelight Electric, Langte Intelligent, Zhongwei Semiconductor, Jincheng Pharm, Winfun Technology, Xunwei Communication, Hongxin Electronics, Kehui Technology, Huanxu Electronics, Xinwangda, Guoguang Electric, Wangzi New Materials, Rundu shares, Lansitech, Gongda Acoustic, Xiaosong shares, Changying Precision, Dafu Technology, Jiyou shares, Tianyin Holdings, Aishide, Jinjia shares, Golden Dragon Electromechanical, Kesen Technology, Yiya Tong, Dongfeng shares, Shunhao shares.

After conducting research, it has been found that 80% of these 36 listed companies mainly engage in contract manufacturing for e-cigarette components.

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