Euromonitor Offers Market Analysis on Future Trends at InterTabac

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Euromonitor Offers Market Analysis on Future Trends at InterTabac
At the Dortmund Tobacco Expo on September 14-16, 2FIRSTS discussed future trends in the international tobacco industry with representatives from Euromonitor International.

During the Dortmund Tobacco Exhibition held from September 14th to 16th, 2FIRSTS engaged in an in-depth discussion with representatives from market research firm Euromonitor International, namely Raphael Moreau and Jose Becerril, regarding the future international trends in the tobacco industry. The two representatives expressed concerns over the growth of disposable e-cigarettes, as it poses a range of issues that require increased regulation. Simultaneously, they predicted a rise in environmentally friendly products entering the market.


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Raphael Moreau and Jose Becerril talking to the executive editor of 2firsts | 2firsts


Euromonitor International is a globally renowned market research company that specializes in providing strategic intelligence and market analysis reports for various industries, companies, economies, and consumers. The company's research encompasses multiple sectors, including consumer goods, business, and service industries, with the aim of assisting clients in making informed business decisions.


During the Dortmund tobacco exhibition, Euromonitor International not only set up a booth, but also gave a series of speeches, delving into the regulatory environment of the tobacco industry and the emerging trends in the cannabis market. In particular, they addressed the development expectations for the European market and next generation tobacco products (NGPs).


Raphael believes that the growth of disposable e-cigarettes has brought about a host of issues, and there will be further regulations in place in the future to prevent underage usage of e-cigarettes.


"We anticipate a significant growth of disposable e-cigarettes in the European region in the short term, but this also brings up sustainability concerns," stated Rafael.


He added, "We anticipate that in the coming years, various regions will introduce more legislation on marketing restrictions for e-cigarettes, as well as clearer tax policies. The goal is to prevent young people from trying these e-cigarette products and address the environmental issues posed by disposable e-cigarettes."


How can e-cigarette companies adapt to regulations and continue to grow under future new regulatory laws? According to José, manufacturers need to seek new technological solutions.


As the environmental impact of disposable e-cigarette products becomes increasingly evident, manufacturers are seeking new solutions and environmentally friendly materials to produce e-cigarettes. "We can expect to see new products emerge in the next 5 to 10 years that are more environmentally friendly and contain fewer plastic and metal components. Additionally, we will also witness a shift in the market towards rechargeable disposable e-cigarette products," said Jose.


Will other regions follow Europe's regulation? Jose pointed out that the development speed and legislative frameworks vary across different regions currently, and emulating Europe's approach is also a lengthy process. "In some aspects, we anticipate that other countries or regions may attempt to adopt some of Europe's measures, but this will take time and depend on the specific situations and legislative environments of each country," he said.


Company Introduction: Euromonitor International is a globally leading market research company dedicated to providing strategic intelligence for global industries, companies, economies, and consumers. Its comprehensive international coverage and profound insights encompass consumer goods, business, and service industries, making it an essential research resource for various enterprises. Euromonitor International's global research network covers 210 countries and offers services and data through its 16 offices worldwide. As a knowledge partner of InterTabac, they participated in this exhibition and delivered two speeches on the tobacco and cannabis industries: "Tobacco Industry Trends and Regulatory Environment Overview" and "Cannabis: Trends, Developments, and Future Prospects." The relevant speech materials can be downloaded via the following link: For more information, visit their website on nicotine and cannabis industries:


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