TPE24 | Interview with Empire Imports: Collaborating with Waka, Cautious Outlook on Long-Term Development of Large-Screen

Industry Insight by 2FIRSTS, edited by Sophia Lv
TPE24 | Interview with Empire Imports: Collaborating with Waka, Cautious Outlook on Long-Term Development of Large-Screen
On the last day of the TPE24 exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed Noel, the Marketing Director of Empire Imports, about their partnerships.

On February 2nd, during the final day of the TPE24 exhibition in the American West, 2FIRSTS conducted an exclusive interview with Noel, the Market Director of Empire Imports, a well-known American distributor.


TPE24 | Interview with Empire Imports: Collaborating with Waka, Cautious Outlook on Long-Term Development of Large-Screen
Empire Imports Marketing Director Noel (left) interviewed by 2FIRSTS | Image source: 2FIRSTS


Noel introduced the company's cooperative partners to 2FIRSTS. He mentioned that the company has over 200 e-cigarette brands in collaboration and is also planning to work with waka. Noel emphasized that when selecting partners, the brand, price, and exposure are the main factors to consider, and the company generally avoids choosing less well-known companies.


According to Noel, the trends in the disposable e-cigarette market in the United States for 2023 reveal a significant growth in large screen and high-capacity e-cigarettes. However, he points out that despite the current popularity of large screen e-cigarettes, the market may gradually return to basic models due to their larger size and higher cost. Furthermore, he emphasizes the crucial importance of appearance design and grip sensation for a successful product. In addition, Noel highlights that a good product not only needs to ensure good quality and taste but also requires a focus on marketing. He believes that even with a great product, without sufficient marketing efforts, it can be challenging to penetrate the market. Offering free trials at exhibitions, in particular, is an effective strategy.


In the discussion on the ban of disposable e-cigarettes in the UK, Noel expressed that it would not affect market confidence. He believes that despite policy constraints, there are still many people selling e-cigarettes, and the market still has a large number of e-cigarettes available, depending on the enforcement efforts. He also noted that disposable products in the United States are subject to stricter regulations, with port seizures being more stringent, and they also face the risk of prohibition. He believes that the enhanced regulation of disposable products has led to the expansion of the e-liquid market.


Noel also offered suggestions to the brand owners, suggesting that they can make arrangements around the end of this year after the general election. Currently, due to politicians vying for votes and proposing anti-smoking policies, the situation is relatively tense.


Lastly, when asked about considering creating their own brand, Noel responded by stating uncertainty regarding market trends but mentioned that the company would consider launching proprietary devices. Regarding expansion into regions beyond the United States, he expressed that the company currently has no such plans.


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