UK Government Approves Landmark Tobacco Ban Proposed by Rishi Sunak

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UK Government Approves Landmark Tobacco Ban Proposed by Rishi Sunak
UK government overwhelmingly supports landmark smoking ban proposed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, receiving strong opposition from some conservative MPs.

According to a report by euronews on April 16, the UK government overwhelmingly voted in favor of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's landmark smoking ban plan on Tuesday (16th).


Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last year announced a tobacco and e-cigarette bill that would ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after 2009. The bill passed on Tuesday (16th) with a vote of 383 in favor to 67 against. The Labour opposition frontbenches expressed their support for the plan, but 57 Conservative MPs voted against it.


According to the law, children aged 15 and under will never be able to legally purchase tobacco products. The legal age to buy cigarettes in the UK will increase by one year each year until a complete smoking ban is implemented. The law also includes measures to crack down on teenage use of e-cigarettes, such as banning the sale of low-cost disposable e-cigarettes and restricting their flavors to prevent children from becoming addicted to nicotine. Currently, selling cigarettes, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes to those under 18 is illegal in the UK.


Authorities say that the bill will create the UK's first "smoke-free generation".


Currently, the bill will enter the committee stage for further scrutiny.


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