STG Launches New Nicotine Pouch XQS in UK, Europe's 3rd Largest Nicotine Pouch Market

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STG Launches New Nicotine Pouch XQS in UK, Europe's 3rd Largest Nicotine Pouch Market
Scandinavian Tobacco Group introduces new XQS nicotine pouches in the UK, targeting retail availability in May with various flavors and strengths.

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According to recent news from betterretailing, Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is launching a new generation of XQS nicotine pouches in the UK, with supply to retailers expected to begin in May.


This new product will be launched in four different flavors and various nicotine strengths, with a retail price of £5.50 per product, each tin containing 20 pouches.


According to the supplier, XQS nicotine pouches are smaller than competitors, making them more suitable for adult users to hold in their mouths and release a long-lasting flavor. In addition, the product packaging is completely recyclable.


STG acquired XQS last year with the aim of entering the next generation products sector. Currently, XQS has become the fastest growing nicotine pouch brand in Sweden. Since the acquisition, market share has doubled and the brand is now ranked in the top five in the country.


The contribution of the United Kingdom to global sales of nicotine pouches has reached 10%, making it the third largest market in Europe after Sweden and Denmark.


According to Gleb Pugacev, Managing Director of STG UK:


In the UK, sales of nicotine pouches are rapidly increasing, with much of the growth driven by their unique flavors. XQS has truly brought new changes to the nicotine pouch market with its smaller size, longer-lasting flavor, and lower price.


The brand plans to showcase at various trade shows, including the national convenience exhibition from April 29 to May 1 and the Bestway retail exhibition on May 15, along with promotional marketing activities. STG has increased its on-site sales team from 8 to 30 people to drive sales in convenience stores. Additionally, consumer-oriented promotional activities will be launched on social media and in major cities in the UK, as well as at summer music festivals.


Earlier, STG trialed its nicotine pouch brand Ström in Manchester from October 2022 to March 2023, selling approximately 5,500 cans in a total of 250 participating convenience stores.


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