UK to Crack Down on Illegal E-Cigarette Sales and Underage Purchases

UK to Crack Down on Illegal E-Cigarette Sales and Underage Purchases
UK government to combat illegal e-cigarette sales and underage purchases with £3m funding and enforcement team. Industry welcomes move.

According to a report by Sky News, on Tuesday, April 11, UK Public Health Minister Neil O'Brien will propose a series of measures designed to tackle the sale of illegal e-cigarettes and underage sales. The UK Independent Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has welcomed the statement. The association believes that there is a clear link between illegal e-cigarette sales and sales to young people. If retailers do not verify the source of their e-cigarette products or the notification status of the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), they are unlikely to verify the age of their customers in any meaningful way.

According to reports, the UK government is launching a crackdown on illegal e-cigarettes. The government will provide £3 million in funding for this operation, and a new "Illegal E-Cigarette Enforcement Team" will share information and intelligence between online and local government agencies. The team will carry out specific projects, such as test purchases from convenience stores and e-cigarette shops. In addition, the team will create guidelines to assist in establishing a compliant regulatory system and will have the authority to seize illegal products in stores and at borders.

The IBVTA has been calling for the trading standards department to provide necessary resources to effectively enforce regulations on the sale of e-cigarette products in the country. Therefore, the association is pleased with this news. The association also welcomes the attention given to enforcing regulations at the UK border. Both the trading standards department and the legal e-cigarette industry will benefit from preventing illegal products from entering the UK market.

Gillian Golden, CEO of the association, expressed appreciation for the upcoming statement from the minister. The association looks forward to continuing support for law enforcement to combat illegal trade and products. Such activities have tarnished the reputation of legitimate independent e-cigarette businesses and negatively affected public perception of the industry for a long time. E-cigarettes are the most popular, effective, and economical tool for smokers to quit smoking. The government's recognition of the important role played by reputable e-cigarette companies in reducing smoking rates in the UK is welcomed.

It is understood that IBVTA is a UK trade organization that focuses on the independent electronic cigarette industry. The organization and its members are not controlled by tobacco companies. IBVTA's stance on this matter represents the interests of manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette products in the UK, as well as supporting businesses and brands in the electronic cigarette supply chain.

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