Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia Responds to 2FIRSTS on E-liquid Quality Investigation

Special Report by Charlotte Yu, Edited by Sophia
Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia stated that it has shared 2FIRSTS' testing results with local consumers and would continue to promote local tobacco regulatory legislation.

In investigating the quality of Southeast Asian e-cigarette products, 2FIRSTS staff conducted on-site research in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2023, purchasing 8 sets of samples and submitting them for third-party testing. The test results revealed that one set of products contained diacetyl, exceeding the Chinese national standard limit by nearly 2 times, and five sets of products detected heavy metal arsenic.


Concerned about the health and safety of local consumers, 2FIRSTS shared the test results with the Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia (VCAM), and the association responded positively.


2FIRSTS: Are there any comments you would like to have on the result?


VCAM: VCAM has consistently advocated for comprehensive regulations not only for vaping devices but also for e-liquids. 


We remain committed to addressing potential health hazards associated with various substances found in e-liquids. We emphasise the importance of stringent controls to to eliminate or manage these substances, prioritising the well-being of vape consumers. While we recognize the significance of preserving appealing flavours as a key factor in encouraging smokers to transition to vapes and ultimately quit altogether, these substances need pristine control, to ensure the contents are safe. 


Additionally, we are actively trying to engage with governmental bodies, seeking participation in panels to share our recommendations for effective regulation. 


2FIRSTS: Will you consider passing on the finding as a food safety issue to all the vape consumers in Malaysia?


VCAM: The findings have already been shared on the VCAM Facebook page, and we plan to use this information, along with other relevant findings to actively engage with the Malaysian government.


2FIRSTS: Given the result, what will be your next move in the foreseeable future to protect vape consumers in the country?


VCAM: We will continue to engage with various authorities and regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing the vape industry and its products. 


In addition, we are proactively seeking collaboration with officials from different ministries to draw attention to the critical issues surrounding substances such as diacetyl and arsenic, along with several others that require stringent control and ensure the safety of vape users.

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