Vietnam Tightens Control on E-Cigarettes to Protect Youth Health

Vietnam Tightens Control on E-Cigarettes to Protect Youth Health
Vietnam strengthens control on e-cigarettes due to their harmful effects on young users. Ban on new tobacco products proposed.

On May 5th, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health called for strengthened regulation of electronic cigarettes due to the serious harm they pose to the health of young users.

It has been reported that Vietnam has seen a rise in new products in recent years, including electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products, and hookahs. Despite not being allowed for importation, trade, or distribution in the domestic market, these products are commonly advertised and traded online.

Chen Wenshun, the Deputy Minister of Health in Vietnam, has warned that these products are extremely dangerous as they contain hidden stimulants which can lead to poisoning and even endanger the lives of those who use them.

According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization in 2019, the usage rate of electronic cigarettes among 15-17 year olds in Vietnam was 2.6%. A survey conducted in 2022 regarding tobacco use among students showed that the usage rate of electronic cigarettes among 13-15 year old students was 3.5%.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization has stated that there are approximately 20,000 flavorings used in electronic cigarettes, and their potential health risks have not yet been fully evaluated.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health suggests strengthening the investigation and punishment of transactions, storage, promotion, and sales of e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products, and hookah, and proposes a ban on all new types of tobacco products to ensure public health and safety.

The Ministry of Health has previously proposed a ban on all new tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Experts noted that Vietnam currently does not have a market for electronic cigarettes, with sales primarily conducted through individual carry and online transactions.


Strict action recommended against the sale and purchase of electronic cigarettes.

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