World's First Free E-Cigarette Kit for Smokers in Bristol

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World's First Free E-Cigarette Kit for Smokers in Bristol
Nearly half of smokers in the Bristol area will receive free e-cigarette starter kits as part of a pioneering initiative.

According to Coventry Telegraph, nearly half of the smokers in the Bristol area of the UK will receive a free initial e-cigarette kit through the National Health Service (NHS), as part of a "world-first" initiative to help people quit smoking.


The local health department has successfully obtained £2.2 million from the government to cover the cost of 60,000 sets of equipment.


The Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Committee in Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) has heard that the aim of this initiative is to assist smokers in transitioning from cigarettes to a deemed safer alternative such as vaping.


According to estimates, there are 144,320 tobacco users in the entire region, with 60% of them residing in urban areas.


The ICP has set a goal for itself to achieve a "smoke-free" status by 2030/31, with the aim of keeping the adult smoking rate below 5%.


However, prior to this, approximately 24,000 individuals were required to quit smoking each year.


The government recently announced a groundbreaking free e-cigarette program called "Swap to Stop" in April. The bidding for the program has just been approved by the ICP.


The government announced a ground-breaking free e-cigarette initiative called "Swap to Stop" in April.


Public health advisor Samuel Hayward informed board members that Bristol has the highest smoking rates in the Southwest region, partially due to the legacy issue of the tobacco industry.


He stated, "There is clear evidence to suggest that nicotine consumption is a much less risky option for smokers, with its short-term and mid-term risks only being a small fraction of smoking."


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