Australia Seizes 13 Tons of Disposable E-Cigarettes Worth $4.5 Million

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Australia Seizes 13 Tons of Disposable E-Cigarettes Worth $4.5 Million
Australian border patrol successfully seized 13 tonnes of disposable e-cigarettes worth $4.5 million, the first major confiscation since the import ban.

Australian border patrol officers have successfully seized a massive 13-ton shipment of disposable e-cigarettes, with an estimated value of AUD 4.5 million. This marks the first major confiscation of such products since the country banned the importation of disposable e-cigarettes on January 1st.


A total of 250,000 disposable e-cigarettes were found hidden in air cargo in Adelaide, marking the first major seizure of such products. Australian border patrol officials stated that 14 air shipments arrived from the same origin, claiming to contain "rechargeable vaporizers," which raised their suspicions.


Preliminary investigation reveals that these goods contain 10 tons of disposable e-cigarettes, and further inquiry has led to the confiscation of an additional three tons of products. The investigation into illegal imports is still ongoing.


Chris Waters, Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Border Force, has affirmed that the new regulatory framework for e-cigarettes has been fully implemented, sending a clear message to society.


He said, "We anticipate that many international e-cigarette suppliers will continue to attempt to ship products to Australia and may try to modify their behavior to avoid detection.


All e-cigarette suppliers in Australia should take note of this announcement. If you attempt to conceal the importation of e-cigarettes, we will expose and intercept them.


Australian Health Minister Mark Butler stated that this confiscation demonstrates that the new e-cigarette policy is taking effect.


He stated that millions of disposable e-cigarettes could flood into Australia before the government addresses the loopholes in existing laws, and these e-cigarettes are clearly marketed towards our children's market.


Disposable e-cigarettes come in vibrant colors and flavors reminiscent of bubble gum, designed to attract young children. Approximately one-sixth of middle school students and one-fourth of young adults aged 18 to 24 in Australia are using e-cigarettes.


The recent seizure further highlights the Australian government's commitment to combating the illegal importation of disposable e-cigarettes. Since the official ban on the importation of disposable e-cigarettes in Australia, this is the first large-scale operation in which such products have been intercepted. Prior to this, Australia has conducted several border enforcement operations and seized numerous well-known brands. For instance, in August last year, the Western Australia Department of Health confiscated 15 tons of e-cigarettes, totaling 300,000 units, with an estimated value of AUD 10 million from a warehouse in northeastern Perth. Video footage from the seizure site, obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, revealed the involvement of multiple e-cigarette brands including HQD and IGET.


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