Big Vape: Rise and Fall of JUUL

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Big Vape: Rise and Fall of JUUL
Juul, the American e-cigarette giant, is set to debut on Netflix with a new documentary called "The Big Vape".

According to Mychamplainvalley's report on October 7th, the American e-cigarette giant JUUL's story is set to be featured on the streaming platform Netflix. The documentary, titled "Big Vape," is scheduled to premiere on October 11th.


Big Vape: Rise and Fall of JUUL
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This documentary delves into the entrepreneurial journey of JUUL, which was once hailed as one of America's largest e-cigarette companies. The documentary team specifically focuses on how two young college students created JUUL, reshaping e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking.


Film critic Julia Swift believes that this documentary feels more like a news report rather than a piece of art, however, she emphasizes the allure of the story itself.


She emphasized how JUUL has successfully positioned itself to attract young people by promoting it as a fashionable and fun choice. Swift stated that although she doesn't smoke herself, after watching the documentary, she became highly interested in this concept and believes that it is the intentional effect pursued by the film.


Also included is a preview of the documentary film, "Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul".


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