Cargolux, Europe's Largest Cargo Airline, to Cease Transporting Disposables

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Cargolux, Europe's Largest Cargo Airline, to Cease Transporting Disposables
Cargolux Bans Disposable E-cigarettes in Response to Health and Environmental Concerns, Leading the Industry in Sustainable Practices.

According to a report from Wort on March 6th, Cargolux, the Luxembourg-based international cargo airline, has announced that it will cease transporting disposable e-cigarettes. This decision by Cargolux and its subsidiary, Cargolux Italia, is a proactive response to the growing public concern about the harmful effects of such products on health and the environment.


Cargolux stated that disposable e-cigarettes pose a significant risk to human health, particularly to the younger generation, "because they are marketed with enticing flavors." Additionally, due to the potential environmental threat they pose, these products have already been banned in other countries, "these devices contain lithium batteries, and since they are not recyclable, improper disposal could result in environmental risks."


The company's CEO, Richard Forson, stated that he hopes that this measure will help reduce the supply of these products in the market.


This ban reflects Luxembourg International Air Cargo's commitment to the environment, public health, and safety. Through this measure, we hope to help reduce the availability of these products in the market.


At the same time, Cargolux also hopes that this initiative will lead other logistics companies to take similar actions. More and more products are now being included in the company's list of items transported on its global network routes.


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