German Customs Seizes E-Cigarette Products at Exhibition

German Customs Seizes E-Cigarette Products at Exhibition
German customs confiscate e-cigarette products without proper taxation and declaration documentation at The Hall of Vape exhibition.

According to sources at the Hall of Vape electronic cigarette exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, German customs authorities conducted individual inspections of e-cigarette exhibitor booths and seized some products on site. Additionally, some exhibitors were reportedly escorted out of the exhibition hall.

German customs police inspect products and tax labels at exhibition booths. Image source: 2FIRSTS.

On the evening of May 8th, 2FIRSTS contacted German customs to inquire about the reasons and quantity of the products seized. German customs responded that the inspection primarily focused on whether the tobacco products had tax labels and whether there were customs declaration materials. The exact amount of the seizure has not yet been calculated.

The German customs authorities have announced that all e-liquid products sold in Germany must have tax labels attached in accordance with German policy. If the products are not intended for sale but rather for sampling, gifts, or exhibition purposes, customs declaration documentation must be filed. Failure to comply with either of these regulations could result in confiscation of the products.

According to on-site sources from 2FIRSTS, brands such as JUICE N POWER and VABAR had their products seized by customs officials.

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