Guam E-Cigarette Shops Closing in Protest of Proposed Ban

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Guam E-Cigarette Shops Closing in Protest of Proposed Ban
Several e-cigarette stores on the US territory of Guam will close on Thursday in protest of a proposed ban on certain e-cigarette products.

In recent days, according to Guampdn, a local e-cigarette store in Guam called Vape Escape has issued a statement announcing that several e-cigarette stores in Guam will be closing on Thursday, January 4th, in opposition to a proposed bill that seeks to ban specific e-cigarette products.


In a previous development, Senator Tom Fisher of Guam proposed a ban on the sale of e-liquids in fruit and dessert flavors, as these products have gained significant popularity in recent years. Fisher argued that this ban aims to reduce the sale of e-cigarette products targeting children.


If the proposal becomes law, any retailer who violates the prohibition will be fined $500 for the first offense, with subsequent offenses carrying a maximum fine of $2000.


According to a statement from Vape Escape, the coordinated action to close e-cigarette stores on Thursday symbolizes the industry's opposition to legislation that could potentially threaten the safety, legal purchase, and availability of e-cigarette products.


The participating e-cigarette retailers and industry stakeholders emphasize that this temporary shutdown is a strong symbol of unity and consensus within the industry. By coming together, they highlight the value of e-cigarette products for adult smokers seeking reduced harm alternatives.


As responsible members of the e-cigarette community, we are taking concrete actions to draw attention to the importance of reasonable regulations. If this negligent legislation passes, it could harm numerous adult consumers. Theseus Mendiola, the owner and operator of Vape Escape store, stated, "We are willing to sit down with policymakers to discuss finding a balance between public health concerns and alternative avenues for adult consumer choices."


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