Helius Therapeutics: First Company to Extract Cannabis in New Zealand

Helius Therapeutics: First Company to Extract Cannabis in New Zealand
Helius Therapeutics is a medicinal cannabis company that has gained approval in New Zealand for cultivation and extraction.

Helius Therapeutics is a medicinal cannabis company that has become the first in New Zealand to be authorized by the local medicinal cannabis agency to cultivate and extract the active ingredients of cannabis.

Helius Therapeutics has once again achieved first place, marking an important milestone in our industry. New Zealand will soon be able to fully cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis products. This is exciting news for local patients who seek to legally access high-quality and cost-effective products," said Carmen Doran, CEO of Helius Therapeutics.

The latest verified active ingredient was developed at the Helius manufacturing site in East Auckland. The active compound in cannabis plants - cannabidiol - was extracted from plants grown in Puro, New Zealand's largest and only certified organic medicinal cannabis cultivation.

Earlier this year, Helius signed a five-year supply agreement worth millions of dollars with Puro, headquartered in the South Island. In April, regulatory authorities renewed and expanded Helius' license, allowing them to produce active ingredients on-site using raw cannabis material.

CBD extract manufactured in New Zealand will first be used for medicinal purposes by patients in the country, with other products being exported worldwide. Helius is the first medicinal cannabis company in the country to obtain a GMP manufacturing license. Every general practitioner in New Zealand is authorized to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients, and since October of last year, domestically manufactured products have been using imported active ingredients.

An increasing number of New Zealanders are obtaining prescriptions from doctors for medicinal cannabis products made in New Zealand. However, the country's medicinal cannabis program is also committed to developing and testing locally grown and locally manufactured products," said Ms. Doran.

Earlier this month, Helius attended the largest GP CME conference in New Zealand, held in Christchurch. Many doctors are now hopeful that they will be able to prescribe 100% New Zealand medicinal cannabis for their patients.

Excitingly, New Zealand is getting closer to providing 100% locally-grown cannabis medicine to patients in the country. Bringing the supply chain home will also contribute towards achieving the ultimate goals of affordability and accessibility for the medicinal cannabis program, she stated.

According to Carmen Doran, the international mining market is heating up due to competition for producing the best products for European consumers. "New Zealand's GMP certification is recognized throughout Europe and many other countries, providing significant opportunities for New Zealand companies like ours. New Zealand is an ideal international brand with an environmentally friendly and green image, which will help ensure medicinal cannabis becomes a major source of export revenue in the coming decades," says Doran.


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