How Donghwa Advances with Exclusive Distribution for LOST MARY in South Korea

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How Donghwa Advances with Exclusive Distribution for LOST MARY in South Korea
LOST MARY introduces new e-cigarette Psyper 2500 in South Korea, available for nationwide retail sale from March 20.

LOST MARY launches its new product "Psyper 2500" on March 18, and starts selling it through e-cigarette retailers nationwide from the 20th. Last year, LOST MARY was introduced by the Donghwa Trading Company in South Korea to the market.  


The newly released Psyper 2500 features a replaceable pod design. The pod has a capacity of 8 milliliters and can provide up to 2500 puffs. Additionally, the device includes a 500mAh battery that can be recharged via USB C for continuous use.


In addition to the globally popular "Golden Pineapple" flavor, the Psyper 2500 is also offering exclusive "Cool Mint" and "Crown Tobacco" flavors in the Korean market this time. The product also comes in six different colors, including pink and sapphire blue.


Since signing an exclusive distribution agreement with Donghwa Trading Company (동화상협과) in South Korea in November 2023, LOST MARY has been making moves in the South Korean market for the past six months. 2FIRSTS has been tracking the cooperation between the two parties.


Distribution Network of Donghwa 


According to publicly available information, Donghwa Trading Company was established in 1981, representing Joohyung Kim. It currently has four employees and holds an e-commerce license, indicating that the company is legally allowed to operate in South Korea.


In addition to sharing the same office location and business registration number, there is also a distribution website called VAPETOPIA. The products listed for sale on the website include not only LOST MARY but also the Vabeen brand, with a focus on the Vabeen Flex Air Ultra 6000.


How Donghwa Advances with Exclusive Distribution for LOST MARY in South Korea




How Donghwa Advances with Exclusive Distribution for LOST MARY in South Korea
Ship the LOST MARY BM3500 to the internet celebrity


There is a clear path ahead with the partnership with LOST MARY. At the time of announcing the agreement, Joohyung Kim, the head of Donghwa Trading Company, stated that the company will maintain the same sales prices so that customers can have a quick shopping experience at over 1000 e-cigarette stores and online nationwide.


It is worth noting that the website is strictly targeted at users in South Korea. Only local telecommunication users in South Korea can register through mobile phone authentication and browse the website.


It can be seen that LOST MARY has partnered with local established distributors in South Korea in an exclusive agent agreement for the distribution of their products. Currently, all consultation/order emails for LOST MARY are being forwarded to the East and Industry Department.


Leading with BM3500


On the day of announcing the exclusive agency agreement, both parties jointly announced their plan to launch a new product, LOST MARY BM3500, within the year. This disposable product has a capacity of 3500 puffs and 10.5 ml, and can be recharged via a USB C cable. The flavors for this product include "Cherry Grape," "Strawberry Mango," "Blue Rose Ice," and "Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava," as well as two new flavors, "Salty Lemon" and "Red Apple Ice," added to the Korean market.


It is worth noting that LOST MARY's BM product line was involved in an "e-liquid exceeding the limit" incident in the UK in early 2023. In March, the double apple and watermelon flavored disposable e-cigarettes of BM 600 were found to have e-liquid levels exceeding the legal limit by more than 50%, with some reaching over 80%. As a result, several UK wholesalers, including Booker, announced a recall of the products.


After lying dormant for six months, LOST MARY made its first appearance in the UK in August with the BM600S, labeling it as the next generation of their flagship disposable e-cigarette series. In October, the product was relaunched in Europe with eight new flavors.


Clearly Defined Product Lines


For some time now, LOST MARY's exposure in South Korea has predominantly been focused on BM. After entering South Korea, Donghwa Trading Company collaborated with multiple influential KOLs for a shipping evaluation giveaway, conceptually positioning it as a trendy product suitable for "light, disposable users.(라이트일회용 유저를 위한 진한 맛)"



How Donghwa Advances with Exclusive Distribution for LOST MARY in South Korea
PSYPER series


Aside from the LOST MARY BM series, the first product line introduced by LOST MARY in Korea is the new PSYPER series with interchangeable cartridges.


The Psyper 2500 will be released with a modular design, with pods selling separately for 2500 each and the device itself available for purchase. The pods will be priced at 10,000 Korean won ($7.42), and the device at 15,000 Korean won ($11.12). Following the disposable ban controversy in the UK by the end of January 2024, LOST MARY is set to expand its presence in South Korea with its refillable system.


2FIRSTS will continue to monitor the developments of LOST MARY in the South Korean market.


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