Illegal Tobacco and E-cigarette Seized in Newham, UK

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Illegal Tobacco and E-cigarette Seized in Newham, UK
In a recent operation as part of the CeCe campaign, the UK's Newham Trading Standards seized illegal tobacco and e-cigarette products worth £5400.

Recently, according to reports from Newham, the UK's Newham Trading Standards Bureau seized illegal tobacco and e-cigarette products worth £5,400 during their inspection of local businesses in the area.


The search operation took place on Friday, October 13th as part of the national campaign "CeCe Action". This campaign focuses on the collaborative efforts between the National Trade Standards Bureau and the Tax Customs, with the aim of cracking down on various aspects of the illicit tobacco market.


An advertisement for e-cigarette products found in one company states "7,000-9,000 puffs." In the UK, the legal limit for nicotine in disposable e-cigarettes is no more than 2% (20mg/ml), with a capacity not exceeding 2ml - which, under the legal filling restrictions, equates to approximately 600-800 puffs. Subsequently, independent tests were conducted on some confiscated e-cigarettes, confirming that they do not comply with regulations and have numerous defects, including addictive and toxic properties, as well as a lack of appropriate addiction and other health warnings. These e-cigarettes are illegal for sale within the UK. The amount of nicotine present in disposable e-cigarettes is approximately 10ml, which is five times the permitted amount under the law. The nicotine concentration in disposable e-cigarette products was also found to be 50% higher than the legal limit. The company initially received information and guidance related to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. The investigation is still ongoing. Any individuals prosecuted and convicted for involvement in the sale or supply of illegal tobacco and non-compliant e-cigarettes may face significant financial penalties or imprisonment.


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