Interview with ELFBAR: Indonesian Market will Still be Dominated by Open-systems

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Interview with ELFBAR: Indonesian Market will Still be Dominated by Open-systems
2FIRSTS reports live from JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL VAPE EXPO 2024, focusing on ELFBAR's new products and market trends in Indonesia.

Recently, at the JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL VAPE EXPO 2024 (JIVE) in Indonesia, the 2FIRSTS team delved into the exhibition floor, focusing on key participating companies and providing timely coverage of firsthand market information obtained at the event.


Interview with ELFBAR: Indonesian Market will Still be Dominated by Open-systems
New product ELFX from ELFBAR | Image source: 2FIRSTS


During this exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed Robi, the marketing director of ELFBAR in the Indonesian market, to understand the current situation and development plans of the brand.


Robi told 2FIRSTS that at this exhibition, ELF BAR introduced new products, ELFX and ELFX PRO, both of which have an open device system. The ELFX PRO comes equipped with Boost mode and eco mode, with Boost mode being a "dual-coil" mode.


The spokesperson further explained that in the current Indonesian market, the mainstream products are still open system products. Due to Indonesia's rich production of e-cigarette liquid domestically, these products need to be compatible with innovative devices. As for e-cigarette brands, the most popular ones include OXVA, LOSTVAPE, and FOOM.


When discussing the differences between the Indonesian market and other markets, Robi mentioned that due to Indonesia being a tourist destination, tourists show higher interest in purchasing disposable e-cigarette products, especially in areas like South Jakarta and Bali. Additionally, according to ELFBAR's annual data analysis, the consumption level of disposable e-cigarettes in the Indonesian market remains relatively high, whether compared to traditional cigarettes or e-cigarette products.


Robi believes that in the next 2 to 3 years, the e-cigarette market in Indonesia will still be dominated by open-system devices, as most e-cigarettes are primarily used for entertainment purposes.


Robi said that ELFBAR is introducing open system devices to adapt to new regulations in the Indonesian market. Starting in 2022, Indonesia will implement a 15% increase in e-cigarette consumption tax, effective until 2027. From 2024 onwards, e-cigarette products will not only have to pay a 15% consumption tax, but also an additional 10% value-added tax.


In order to comply with the new regulations, ELFBAR has released an open system device to balance sales outside of Bali. However, for disposable e-cigarette products, ELFBAR will still adhere to government regulations, ensuring not to exceed 2000 units.


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