Je suis Vapoteur: Promoting the Success of E-Cigarettes in France.

Je suis Vapoteur: Promoting the Success of E-Cigarettes in France.
Je suis Vapoteur is a 100% online media dedicated to promoting vaping in France for smokers who want to quit.

In France, electronic cigarettes have been highly successful, particularly for those who want to quit smoking. However, despite research showing that it poses only 5% of the harm to health compared to traditional cigarettes, it is facing threats in France.

I am a Vaper" is an online media outlet created by OneShotMedia that is fully dedicated to promoting electronic cigarettes. Its primary goal is to educate the public, especially long-term smokers who find it difficult to quit, about the many advantages of using e-cigarettes as a means of cessation.

The information contained in this resource comprises a diverse range of vocabulary related to VAPE practices, practical advice on selecting material and getting started, as well as scientific articles including those on plant glycerin. Many professionals worldwide have conducted extensive research and have concluded that VAPE is 95% less harmful to health compared to traditional cigarettes.

Could a smoking cessation product with 95% less harm than traditional cigarettes be a dream? Despite this possibility, VAPE is still facing condemnation in France and around the world. Some have voiced skepticism towards this practice, emphasizing its lack of foresight or its potential to encourage young people to take up smoking and use it as a gateway to smoking. All of these arguments remain unproven, contradicting scientific research results on the advantages of electronic cigarettes, which have been the result of hard work by great scientific and medical professionals.

The electronic cigarette is now under threat in France and Europe, with the possibility of losing the flavorings in e-cigarette oils and being subject to taxation. Supporters of e-cigarettes are clearly concerned about the tightening of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which seeks to regulate e-cigarette products as tobacco products.

The media outlet "Je suis VAPEUR" has suggested that consumers and professionals seeking to support e-cigarettes in France should seek help from elected officials who may not be well-informed on the issue. To make this process easier, the media has created a "Mobilization" section on their website where visitors can send pre-written or personalized messages to their district's representatives in order to raise awareness.

It should not be forgotten that today, electronic cigarettes have become a focal point in Europe. It would be regretful if there wasn't an estimated smoking cessation tool that could save as many as 45,000 lives every year.

As pointed out by the Federation Addiction, three out of ten people in France smoke, a figure that remains higher than most neighboring European countries. Additionally, 75,000 people still die each year as a result of smoking, making it a leading cause of preventable death. There is now a greater need than ever before for mobilization.


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