JUUL and Similar Companies Forced to Pay Billions in Settlement

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JUUL and Similar Companies Forced to Pay Billions in Settlement
JUUL and similar companies forced to pay over $1 billion in settlement, with Oak Lawn and 230 high schools to receive compensation.

According to the Chicago Tribune on October 9th, e-cigarette brand JUUL and similar companies have been compelled to pay over $1 billion in settlements. The latest settlement agreement reveals that JUUL will compensate Oak Lawn High School 229 with $13,000, while High School 230 will receive $172,212. These amounts are part of the nationwide settlement fund of $255 million.


According to data, JUUL dominated the e-cigarette industry in the United States until 2022, with a staggering market share of 75% in 2019. However, in recent years, its market control has rapidly declined due to high-profile million-dollar settlements and numerous product bans. Now, according to reports from industry news websites, it is the second-largest brand with less than a third of its peak market share.


Although the Oak Lawn and Orland Park school districts both signed the settlement agreement as plaintiffs, the compensation amounts they received are vastly different. There are primarily three reasons for this. According to Jennifer Waterman, spokesperson for Lavelle and District 230, out of the $255 million settlement amount, the proportion received by each plaintiff (including hundreds of school districts nationwide) depended on factors such as the timing of their early signing during the litigation process, the number of students within their district, and the grade levels taught by each district.


The allocation of all funds with regards to the school district has yet to be determined. They plan to utilize this money to support efforts aimed at reducing e-cigarette usage and assisting students addicted to e-cigarettes.


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