PMI Launches New IQOS Display Area at Kansai International Airport

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PMI Launches New IQOS Display Area at Kansai International Airport
Philip Morris International (PMI) has launched a new exhibition area for its IQOS smoking device at Kansai International Airport in Japan.

According to a report by dfnionline on January 25th, Philip Morris International (PMI) has launched a new display area for its Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) smoking device product called IQOS, following the completion of renovation works at Kansai International Airport in Japan.


The latest IQOS display area designed by Philip Morris company merges digital innovation technology, providing specially curated experiences for consumers with different preferences. This includes allowing eligible consumers to personally experience and touch a range of IQOS products, guiding trial areas for consumers to try IQOS and sample various Terea flavors.


The specially designed "IQOS Community Zone" offers passengers a comfortable resting space where they can interact with other users of legal age and share their experiences with IQOS. The Product News Area showcases the latest IQOS products in an innovative visual display, encouraging consumer engagement. The IQOS Interactive Station employs RFID technology to provide consumers with a 3D visual experience of the products, allowing for easy comparisons and assistance from store staff.


Edvinas Katilius, Vice President of Duty-Free at Philip Morris, has announced the opening of a new IQOS Space at Kansai International Airport. This move aims to redefine the brand image of IQOS and revamp the consumer experience within the store. With a focus on providing a pleasant experience for adult travelers, the company looks forward to welcoming all eligible nicotine users to experience the latest in IQOS travel retail.


As of September 30, 2023, Philip Morris International has sold its smoke-free products in 82 markets worldwide, with smoke-free products accounting for approximately 36.2% of net revenue in the third quarter of 2023.


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