PMI Releases 2023 Comprehensive Report: Global IQOS User Base Reaches 28.6 Million

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PMI Releases 2023 Comprehensive Report: Global IQOS User Base Reaches 28.6 Million
PMI's IQOS global users up 15% in past year, reaching 28.6 million as non-combustible products exceed sales in 25 countries.

Recently, according to the "2023 Comprehensive Report" released by Philip Morris International (PMI), the global user base for its heated tobacco product, IQOS, has grown by 15% in the past year, reaching approximately 28.6 million people. Additionally, sales of PMI's non-combustible products have surpassed its total sales in 25 countries, an increase of 8 countries compared to the previous year.


This report, released for the fifth consecutive year, serves as a milestone in achieving PMI's "Smoke-free Future" vision. By 2023, the number of users of its non-combustible products has exceeded 33 million, with approximately 28.6 million using IQOS, a 15% increase from the previous year's 24.9 million users. Additionally, the number of countries with annual net sales growth exceeding 50% has increased from 17 to 25.


According to statistics, 36.4% of Philip Morris International's (PMI) adjusted net income in 2023 comes from smoke-free products. PMI's smoke-free products are sold in 84 markets worldwide, with 47% of them located in low- and middle-income markets.


In 25 markets, non-smoking products account for over 50% of annual net income. Since 2008, a total of $12.5 billion has been invested in these non-smoking products.


Philip Morris International (PMI) CEO, Jacek Olczak, stated, "2023 is the year of our unity, determination, and the continued efforts towards a 'smoke-free future'. Despite facing new challenges, as long as we have exceptional resilience, capabilities, and a clear sense of purpose, we can lead positive change through innovation and promote sustainability."


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