Polish Health Ministry Prepares E-Cigarette Ban Legislation for Public Consultation

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Polish Health Ministry Prepares E-Cigarette Ban Legislation for Public Consultation
Poland's Ministry of Health is preparing a ban on e-cigarettes, with a draft expected to be submitted for public consultation soon.

According to the Polish media outlet portalsamorzadowy, Deputy Minister of Health Wojciech Konieczny stated during a Senate committee meeting on March 19 that preparations have begun within the Ministry of Health for a ban on e-cigarettes. The draft is expected to be submitted for public consultation in the coming weeks.


Konecni stated that this ban would require approximately six months of notification within the European Union (EU), but the legislation would take some time to come into effect. Nevertheless, he assured that the Ministry of Health would introduce such a ban, which may also include prohibiting the marketing of disposable e-cigarettes or non-tobacco heating products.


At the same time, the Department of Health is also preparing a bill regarding the regulation of flavored e-cigarettes, which is expected to be implemented by November at the latest.


Co-chievni explained that the committee's debate revolves around two different issues - whether these devices are tobacco products or non-tobacco products, with the former being governed by tobacco laws and the latter only subject to product safety regulations.


The Minister also pointed out the prohibition on using such devices in vehicles with children or pregnant women, banning advertising for them, and the need for standardized packaging or the introduction of more control options.


Beata Małecka-Libera, chairwoman of the Senate Health Committee, is calling for immediate oversight of compliance with existing regulations, rather than waiting for the ban to take effect.


Currently, the Senate committee has approved the proposal for the Ministry of Health to establish a special team with the aim of urgently recalling all products on the market that violate current laws.


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