Preventing and Terminating E-cigarette Use in Australian Schools

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Preventing and Terminating E-cigarette Use in Australian Schools
All schools in Tasmania offer a learning resource pack to help teachers prevent and terminate the use of e-cigarettes.

According to Mirage News on May 27th, all schools in the Australian state of Tasmania are providing a learning resource package to help teachers better understand how to prevent and stop the use of e-cigarettes.


The electronic learning package includes professional learning modules aimed at educating school health workers and teachers about the risks of e-cigarettes. It also provides interactive classroom resources that can be used as part of the Australian curriculum, providing information for parents.


In Tasmania, over 500 people die from smoking-related causes every year. Lowering the smoking rate among young people is a top priority for the state government. The Minister of Health, Guy Barnett, has stated that it is crucial to understand the misconceptions young people have about e-cigarettes.


While most young people in Tasmania do not smoke or use e-cigarettes, the increasing prevalence of e-cigarette use in recent years has made it appear as a normal, safe alternative to smoking, which is not the case.


In our 2030 Tasmania Future Strengthening Plan, we aim to provide every Tasmanian with the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life, and eliminating the early use of e-cigarettes is another important step towards achieving this goal.


The State Education Minister Jo Palmer stated that schools play a crucial role in educating young people about the risks of e-cigarettes.


Schools play a role in preventing teenagers from using e-cigarettes and helping current users quit. These resources will provide evidence-based information for our school health and support staff as well as teachers, allowing them to have open and confident discussions with students about the dangers of e-cigarettes and where to seek support.


This learning resource package aligns with the Australian curriculum and is primarily designed for students in grades 7 and 8, but can also be used for other high school students.


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