Research on E-cigarette in Chile: Risks, Standards, and Regulations

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Research on E-cigarette in Chile: Risks, Standards, and Regulations
Chile's consumer protection agency, Sernac, has released a study analyzing the risks and quality standards of e-cigarettes.

The Chilean National Consumer Service (Sernac) has released a study on e-cigarettes on November 30th. The study analyzes the risks and quality standards of these products, as well as their regulatory framework within the country. Sernac has received nearly 170 complaints regarding e-cigarette vaporizer products in recent years.


Sernac has conducted a total of 558 reviews of e-cigarettes or vaporizers sold online, which were offered by 16 companies and correspond to 56 brands. The offline investigation involved 16 companies, corresponding to 14 brands and 80 different models.


All the products analyzed lack proper sanitary registration, including those that openly claim to be nicotine-free. Additionally, the analyzed brands have failed to adhere to the requirement of providing "health warnings" in their reports, with only 21% of brands obliging to "recommend keeping the products out of the reach of children.


From January 2018 to January 2023, a total of 171 cases related to e-cigarette products were recorded by Sernac.


The companies with the highest number of complaints are Vaporizadores Chile (11.7%), Santivape (8.8%), Quema Smokeshop (8.2%), Zigzaboo (7.6%), Tigo Vape (6.4%), Freesmoke (5.8%), chileVapea (2.9%), and Vapea Chile (2.3%).


In consumer complaints, contract issues top the list, accounting for 62% of the total. Examples include delayed delivery of purchased products, which accounts for 17% of the complaints.


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