SKE Introduces New Multi-Reload System for E-Cigarettes

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SKE Introduces New Multi-Reload System for E-Cigarettes
SKE introduces new multi-pod system as UK government bans disposable e-cigarettes, signaling a shift towards reusable products.

E-cigarette brand SKE has introduced a new multi-refill system product. The new series made its debut following the UK government's announcement of banning disposable e-cigarettes, signifying the first step in the market's transition from disposable products to reusable ones.


The 4-in-1 system by SKE (retail price: £12.99) can accommodate four different flavors of pods simultaneously, along with a revolving mechanism that enables users to switch between different pods and change flavors instantly.


SKE spokesperson stated, "The success of the e-cigarette industry lies in its disruptive and adaptive capabilities. We believe that other brands will also follow our lead in developing new products for adult individuals, particularly disposable tobacco users, who desire to quit smoking and steer clear from traditional cigarettes.


As the landscape of our industry changes, one major product category appears poised to be banned. The industry as a whole is making every effort to maximize the smoking cessation potential of e-cigarettes and continue supporting the government's ambitious vision for a smoke-free future. This is of utmost importance.


SKE's new device offers a selection of 16 flavors, including watermelon ice, watermelon strawberry, pink lemonade, melonberry, blueberry raspberry, cola ice, blueberry raspberry, blueberry peach, lemon lime, blueberry lime, tropical mix, lychee ice, cherry ice, strawberry burst, emerald cherry, and white peach dazzle.


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