Thai Government Forms Task Force to Combat E-Cigarette Sales, Many Shops Face Rectification

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Thai Government Forms Task Force to Combat E-Cigarette Sales, Many Shops Face Rectification
Thailand intensifies crackdown on illegal e-cigarette sales near schools, warning of potential harm to children and teenagers.

According to a report by Pattayamail, Puangpet Chunlaead, an official from the Prime Minister's Office in Thailand, emphasized the specific dangers that e-cigarettes pose to children and adolescents.


The Special Operations Team of the Office of Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) conducted a joint operation with the Royal Thai Police and other relevant units to carry out a major crackdown on e-cigarette retailers near schools in the core area of Bangkok. At least five shops were shut down as a result of the operation.


During the operation, authorities discovered multiple e-cigarettes and their charging devices near a university. Some of the devices were disguised as toys in order to allow students to use them without their parents' knowledge, causing public concern.


Poo Hien Pieter emphasized that e-cigarettes pose a particularly serious safety threat to children and teenagers. As a result, the government plans to intensify efforts to crack down on this issue and establish a dedicated task force to address it. This decision comes after a previous enforcement action saw few people arrested due to information leaks, so they plan to consult with legal authorities to increase penalties for such behavior.


The Consumer Protection Agency of Thailand emphasized that e-cigarettes are illegal, including their import, sale, and distribution. This ban also extends to shisha smoking devices, electronic shisha, and related e-liquids. Violators may face up to three years in prison, a fine of up to 600,000 Thai Baht (approximately $16,388 USD), or both.


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