UK E-cigarette Company Opened "The Flavourless Vape Shop" to Protest Restrictions

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UK E-cigarette Company Opened "The Flavourless Vape Shop" to Protest Restrictions
Riot Labs and Right Vape open "The Flavourless Vape Shop" in Northampton to protest upcoming UK e-cigarette restrictions.

According to the British retail magazine Asian Trader, e-cigarette company Riot Labs and Northampton e-cigarette store Right Vape have opened "The Flavourless Vape Shop" in Northampton Park (Kingsley Park Terrace) on May 22nd. The purpose of the shop is to raise awareness about the impact of the upcoming tax increase and flavor ban proposed by the British government. Riot Labs stated that this would have a devastating effect on those trying to quit smoking.


This carefully designed store showcases every detail of a hypothetical future where a comprehensive ban is implemented, from the signage to the interior decor, allowing e-cigarette enthusiasts and smokers to truly experience what could happen.


Customers are faced with two choices: on one side, stores have poor taste, lower value, and fewer options. Alternatively, they can walk to the other side, where stores will provide them with services at 2024 prices and offer the products they desire.


The store opening ceremony even invited a person impersonating Rishi Sunak to help cut the ribbon, and provided customers with expensive and tasteless e-cigarettes.


We are committed to supporting smokers who want to quit smoking, and have helped thousands of people quit smoking over the past seven years. The proposed e-cigarette legislation will be very detrimental to anyone looking to quit smoking," said Ryan Michlig, owner of Right Vape.


The opening of this store took a surprising turn when it went viral, ending up in the mainstream after an angry member of the public mistook Sanju, who was impersonating Rishi Sunak, for the actual Prime Minister and threw eggs at him.


Currently, videos of the chaos have been viewed millions of times on TikTok and have been covered by The Times, Star News, and Express.


Ben Johnson, CEO of Riot Labs, is leading the fight against the government through the Riot Activist program. He stated that the new legislation will give people "fewer options, less value, and ultimately reduce the motivation to quit smoking.


Adults rely on flavors to support their journey to quit smoking, and this legislation will have a negative impact on smokers attempting to quit. There are better ways to address the issue of youth e-cigarette use, such as implementing a mandatory licensing program for all retailers.


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