Controversy over Proposed Amendment to UK Tobacco and e-cigarette Act

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Controversy over Proposed Amendment to UK Tobacco and e-cigarette Act
British Labor MP Rachael Maskell quietly proposes an amendment to include e-cigarettes in new smoking ban legislation.

According to Clearing The Air, on May 20th, Rachel Maskell, a Labour Party member of the UK House of Commons, quietly introduced an amendment to a new smoking ban bill that would include e-cigarette products in the prohibition.


The UK "Tobacco and E-Cigarette Act" will prohibit individuals born after January 1, 2009 from legally purchasing cigarettes or other tobacco products. Although the act includes provisions banning young people from using e-cigarettes, it does not contain measures to completely ban e-cigarette products for future generations.


Maskell proposed adding a provision to the bill that would prohibit individuals born after January 1, 2015 (six years after the smoking ban took effect) from purchasing e-cigarettes.


The Secretary of State may ban individuals born after January 1, 2015 from purchasing e-cigarette products or nicotine products through regulations.


She also specifically added exemptions for nicotine products prescribed by healthcare providers. The lawmaker has not publicly announced this amendment on her website or social media accounts, but the proposal has sparked backlash from many e-cigarette advocates who believe it will fuel the black market trade of illegal e-cigarettes and deprive individuals of their freedom of choice.


Richard Winfield, the chair of the Southwark Liberal Democrats, said, "Policymakers should be aware not to rush into banning everything with some level of risk. This is not just about the proposed nicotine ban here, but also recent calls by some legislators to ban teenagers from using smartphones and drivers under the age of 25 from carrying passengers. This is just childish.


The proposed appeal will be subject to detailed scrutiny after the bill enters the committee stage. Once the committee stage is completed, the bill will return to the lower house for the report stage, during which the revised bill can be debated and further amendments can be proposed.


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