VPZ Offers E-Cigarette Recycling to Tackle Environmental Problems

VPZ Offers E-Cigarette Recycling to Tackle Environmental Problems
VPZ, the UK's largest e-cigarette retailer, offers recycling service for e-cigarette batteries and plastic to address environmental issues.

On May 24th, VPZ, the largest e-cigarette retailer in the UK, announced the launch of an e-cigarette recycling service across its 150+ retail stores to help address the environmental issues caused by e-cigarette batteries and plastic.


Doug Mutter, a VPZ spokesperson, said, "We believe that these innovative services and interventions are crucial in addressing emerging environmental issues while also educating e-cigarette users about the benefits of using reusable and more sustainable products.


This service has now been launched across the entire VPZ network in over 150 stores in the UK and is open to all e-cigarette users. Anyone can access the stores and safely handle their e-cigarette devices.


All recycling processes will be handled by the environmental organization WasteCare, which will be responsible for safely collecting, processing and recycling disposable e-cigarettes and reusable hardware devices from a factory located in Elland, West Yorkshire.


Doug Mutt believes that innovative recycling services will help clean up the environment nationwide while educating electronic cigarette users on responsibility and the use of more sustainable electronic cigarette products.




VPZ has launched a new service to recycle vapes and is urging the government to tighten regulations on licensing.


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