Wisconsin City Implements 6-Month Ban on New E-Cigarette Stores

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Wisconsin City Implements 6-Month Ban on New E-Cigarette Stores
Wisconsin town, Monona, enforces a 6-month ban on new e-cigarette shops near schools, citing public health concerns.

According to a report from NEWSBreak on May 16th, the city council of Monona, Wisconsin rejected a proposal to open a new store near several schools. As a result, Monona has implemented a six-month ban on opening new e-cigarette shops in the city.


"Are we really okay with tobacco products and similar items being advertised directly across from the high school?" said Neil Stechschutte, the city manager of Monona. "We believe this may not be in the best interest of our community."


During the 180-day suspension period, city government officials stated that, for public health reasons, they will be working to establish long-term restrictions and regulations for e-cigarette retailers. Part of the ordinance reads: "The proliferation of places selling electronic smoking devices or accessories for electronic smoking devices, especially when geographically concentrated, could have negative impacts on public health, safety, and welfare."


The e-cigarette retailers in Madison stated that certain parts of the ban are discriminatory and inconsistent.


This is a strong protest of the 'Protect Children' type," said employee Emily Ackerman. "But we do not have strong protests against bars or liquor stores. Many of the top ten drunken cities are located in Wisconsin.


An e-cigarette retailer is defined as a store that sells e-cigarette products that make up at least 10% of their inventory.


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