French Teenagers Drawn to "Puffs" Disposable E-Cigarettes

A flavored disposable e-cigarette, Puffs, is popular among French teens, causing concern among doctors and health officials.

Pauf" disposable electronic cigarettes have become popular among some French teenagers due to their strong or fruity flavor, colorful packaging design, and affordable price. However, this has raised concerns among doctors and government health departments.


The single-use electronic cigarette called "Puff" is sold in tobacco shops, websites, and supermarkets for prices ranging from 8 to 12 euros. It comes in various flavors such as "strawberry ice cream," "fizzy cola," and other bubble gum flavors with nicotine levels ranging from 0-20 milligrams per milliliter.


The French Tobacco Merchants Association has revealed that this product is from the United States and has a certain amount of marketing investment behind it. Social media influencers, especially on TikTok, have been advertising it, making it more popular among young people.


Legally, this product is prohibited from being sold to minors. However, Constance, a senior at a high school in Paris' 16th arrondissement, remarked that "everyone vapes, even in middle school," and that "I quit this e-cigarette to quit smoking, but more and more young people are using this product despite never having been smokers before.


In Boulogne-Billancourt, eighth-grader Jules revealed that "several students in our class have already smoked, believing that there is no nicotine in it.


The French Ministry of Health has sounded the alarm in response to a concerning trend: in March, they warned minors not to be swayed by the promotion and sale of e-cigarettes on social media. They are also worried that some products sold online may contain nicotine levels that exceed legal thresholds.


Public health professor and anti-tobacco alliance chairman Loc Josseran has issued a warning that "adolescents' brains become dependent on nicotine after exposure and can develop a smoking habit." He expressed concern that "this is an extremely attractive product that is easy to buy and can be easily concealed at school or at home... all of its marketing strategies are aimed at attracting young consumers.


According to a survey released in December 2021 by the French Observatory for Drugs and Addiction Trends, the use of electronic cigarettes among adolescents is becoming increasingly common.


The Electronic Cigarette Cross-Professional Association (Fivape) believes that this topic is very sensitive. "We do not want to confuse pastry-flavored e-cigarettes with regular e-cigarette products aimed at adult consumers. The latter can have a positive impact on public health by helping people quit smoking," says Fivape's president, Jean Moiroud. He believes that pastry-flavored e-cigarettes should be distinguished from e-cigarettes that can only be purchased through professional sellers.


Source: European Times


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