Georgia Legislator Proposing E-cigarette Product Registration System Law

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Georgia Legislator Proposing E-cigarette Product Registration System Law
Georgia legislator Huston Gaines proposes e-cigarette registration system to clarify legal products, combat illegal substances like fentanyl and THC.

According to a report by Wgauradio on February 20th, legislator Huston Gaines from Athens County, Georgia, is advocating for the establishment of an e-cigarette product registration system in the state in order to provide clarity for retailers and consumers on which products are legal and which are not.


At the conference, Gains displayed some illegal smoke products that have not been approved by the FDA. Therefore, Gains believes that Georgia should not approve them either.


Consumers are not aware of what is legal, what is illegal, what has been approved by the FDA. It is important for consumers and retailers to know that the products they are receiving are regulated and approved by the FDA," said Gaines.


Therefore, Gaines drafted a bill to establish an official registry listing all FDA approved or pending approval smoke products. It will be maintained and published by the state's Department of Agriculture. Any products not included on this list will not be legally allowed for sale in Georgia.


E-cigarette shop owner Dillon Gilbert believes this bill will devastate their industry. "I own e-cigarette shops in Savannah and Columbus," Gilbert said. "We want sensible regulation, but unfortunately, this bill will deal a fatal blow to our industry.


However, Gaines insists that the bill will help prevent smoke products laced with fentanyl or THC from hitting the shelves. "You want to make sure that the products that you are using have been tested and approved, and won't endanger your life. You can find examples of smoke cartridges containing fentanyl or THC that have already led to young people's deaths," Gaines said.


According to the bill, any store found selling these unauthorized vaping products may face significant fines and potential suspension of their business license.


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