Illegal Sale of Toxic E-liquid Targeting Students in Vietnam

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Illegal Sale of Toxic E-liquid Targeting Students in Vietnam
Vietnamese authorities have confirmed the illegal sale of e-liquids containing drugs to students in Hai Phong City.

According to a report by ANTD.VN on January 16th, the criminal investigation agency in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, has recently confirmed that Dam Viet Quang, residing in Vinh Bao town, is suspected of illegally selling e-liquid containing drugs, primarily targeting students and college students.


According to reports, the law enforcement authorities in Ninh Giang County have commenced a criminal investigation into the case and formally charged Dam Viet Quang, born in 2002. He stands accused of the crime of "illegal drug trafficking.


The investigation of the case revealed that the sold e-liquids are highly likely to contain drugs, and it involves students from multiple high schools and vocational education centers, causing widespread concern.


In a joint investigation, the police in Ninh Giang county discovered on December 25, 2023, in the Cống Sao area of Ninh Giang town, that a man named Phạm Văn L was selling two bottles of e-liquid to a high school student, which potentially contained drugs.


During police questioning, Phạm Văn L admitted to purchasing the e-liquids from Dam Viet Quang. Based on his statement, the authorities launched a thorough investigation and subsequently discovered 73.42 grams of dried plants containing the drug MDMB-4en-PINACA at Dam Viet Quang's residence. Additionally, they found some e-liquids that could potentially be laced with natural drugs.


Currently, the Ninh Giang County public security authorities are conducting a further investigation into this case to uncover the truth behind the entire incident. The incident has shed light on the issue of abuse in the e-cigarette market, particularly regarding sales to students, raising societal concerns about this problem.


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