Kazakhstan Lawmaker Urges Ban on E-cigarette Sale

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Kazakhstan Lawmaker Urges Ban on E-cigarette Sale
Kazakh lawmaker Nurgul Tau calls for a complete ban on e-cigarette sales and advertising.

Nurgul Tau, a member of Kazakhstan's Parliament, recently voiced concerns about the threat e-cigarettes pose to the youth and urged the government to prohibit their sale, as per online news outlet Zakon.kz. 


In her proposal to Prime Minister Alihan Smaiov, Tau stressed the widespread use of e-cigarettes, particularly among students and young people. Tau advocates for a total ban on the sale of e-cigarette devices, their promotion, and to strengthen accountability measures. 


Tau pointed out the alarming growth of e-cigarette addiction and the harms of their toxic substances. She highlighted the products' easy access due to uncontrolled sales and low prices, with an average cost below 2,000 Tenge (approximately $4.67). 


Lastly, she mentioned that 32 countries have already banned e-cigarette sales, including Uruguay and Argentina.


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