Legal Issues Surrounding PMl's Nicotine Pouch Zyn

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Legal Issues Surrounding PMl's Nicotine Pouch Zyn
Philip Morris International faces legal action in the US for their new nicotine pouch "Zyn" accused of targeting youth.

According to a report by South Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo on March 4th, the global tobacco giant Philip Morris International may face legal action in the United States over its new nicotine pouch called "Zyn." The company is being accused of engaging in marketing practices that could potentially encourage youth smoking.


The law firm Schlesinger will represent consumers in a class action lawsuit against PMI over its new nicotine pouch product "Zyn", alleging that it is addictive and harmful to the younger generation. Swedish Match, the smokeless tobacco manufacturer who sold "Zyn" to PMI in 2022 for $16 billion, is also named as a defendant.


The main reasons why the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against PMI are twofold: firstly, accusing "Zyn" of not warning about the potential risks of addiction, as well as cognitive, cardiovascular, digestive, oral diseases it could lead to. Plaintiff Bailey Ullters claims to have experienced "addiction and dental problems" after using Zyn; secondly, the jury also pointed out that the marketing of "Zyn" could have a negative impact on teenagers. Despite releasing more nicotine than traditional tobacco, Philip Morris International still benefits from promoting Zyn on TikTok accounts. They argue that "Zyn" is popular among teenagers due to its marketing strategy, and using nicotine during adolescence may have detrimental effects on brain development.


Recent debate in the political sphere has been sparked by the popularity of "Zyn". Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer called for a federal investigation into the marketing of "Zyn" last month, while Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has advocated for a comeback of "Zyn". Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has also expressed strong praise for "Zyn". Philip Morris stated:


Nicotine pouches are not suitable for individuals who have not previously used nicotine products, and are also not suitable for individuals who have not reached the legal purchasing age.


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