New Product Launch: Psyper 2500 by LOST MARY

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New Product Launch: Psyper 2500 by LOST MARY
South Korean media reported that "LOST MARY" introduced a new product, "Psyper 2500," featuring a detachable design.

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According to South Korean media outlet, "LOST MARY," introduced in Korea for the first time by the Eastern China Commerce Association last year, launched its new product "Psyper 2500" on March 18th.


The newly released Psyper 2500 features a detachable design, allowing the disposable pod containing e-liquid to be separated from the device. Users do not need to add additional e-liquid and can easily replace the pod for continued use. The pod has a capacity of 8 milliliters, which, according to the average usage of adult males, can provide up to 2500 puffs. In addition, the device includes a 500mAh battery that can be charged via USB C.


The Psyper 2500 offers six flavors, including globally popular options like "Golden Pineapple," "Royal Mango Peach," "Campbell Grape," and "Rainbow Candy," as well as two flavors specifically designed for the Korean market, "Cool Menthol" and "Crown Tobacco." It also comes in six colors, including pink, sapphire, gold, purple, grey, and black.


The Psyper 2500 will be available for sale through e-cigarette retailers nationwide starting on the 20th, with a retail price of 10,000 Korean won ($7.50).


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