New Zealand Considers Legislation, with 97% Vape Retailers Located Near Schools

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New Zealand Considers Legislation, with 97% Vape Retailers Located Near Schools
A recent study led by Dr. Matt Hobbs found that 97% of e-cigarette stores are within a 20-minute walk for students.

According to a report by Nzdoctor on April 30th, a study led by Dr. Matt Hobbs published in the University of Canterbury Journal in New Zealand found that students can find the nearest e-cigarette store within a five-minute walk, with 97% of specialist vape retailers located within a 20-minute walking distance.


Letitia Harding, CEO of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, stated that the easy access to purchasing e-cigarettes is one of the main factors contributing to their use among teenagers.


We have received numerous requests from school principals and teachers asking for our help in combating the prevalent e-cigarette culture on campus, which is having a negative impact on students' health and academic performance. While banning the use of cell phones in schools is a good move, we should also put a stop to the opening of more e-cigarette stores near student areas.


According to reports, there are currently over 1500 registered dedicated e-cigarette stores in New Zealand. A new regulation implemented last year restricts e-cigarette stores from being set up within 300 meters of schools. However, this did not take into account retailers who had already applied to open their stores before the regulation took effect.


This study also found that there are more e-cigarette shops in areas with lower socioeconomic status.


The foundation is calling for a ban on all disposable e-cigarettes, as well as a halt to the opening of more e-cigarette specialty stores. They are also advocating for a limit on the nicotine content of all e-cigarette products to 20 milligrams per milliliter, and a ban on advertising and displaying e-cigarette products in storefronts.


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