PMI Japan Resumes Sales of Popular IQOS ILUMA Products

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PMI Japan Resumes Sales of Popular IQOS ILUMA Products
PMI Japan announces the relaunch of popular IQOS tobacco device "TEREA" in stores nationwide starting May 13, 2024.

According to a report from Japanese media News Gree on May 13, Philip Morris International (PMI) Japan Corporation (PMJ) has announced that their IQOS ILUMA i and IQOS ILUMA exclusive tobacco stick "TEREA" capsule product "TEREA Sun Pearl", which have been on sale in IQOS online stores and various IQOS stores since April 27, 2023, will resume sales on May 13, 2024 in IQOS online stores, seven national IQOS stores, and other tobacco retail outlets.


The "TEREA" heat-not-burn tobacco device for IQOS, which was temporarily suspended from sale due to exceeding set limits, has been a popular product among consumers. It has been an important product for PMJ since its release in Nagoya, Japan in 2014. The nationwide sales of the product "TEREA" have been explained, as well as the 19 varieties of "TEREA" that were already on sale.


The PMJ expects that with the launch of a new round of sales, it will help drive its corporate vision of a "smoke-free society" by providing satisfactory products and services for over 20-year-old smokers worldwide.


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