PMI Launches New VEEV E-cigarette Series in Guatemala Market

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PMI Launches New VEEV E-cigarette Series in Guatemala Market
TACASA announces new e-cigarette VEEV launch in Guatemala, offering reusable and disposable versions with 80% material reuse capability.

According to a report by Newsinamerica on June 17th, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced through its subsidiary in Guatemala, Tabacalera Centroamericana S.A. (TACASA), the launch of a new e-cigarette brand called VEEV in the market.


PMI Launches New VEEV E-cigarette Series in Guatemala Market
VEE e-cigarette | Image source: Newsinamerica


VEEV e-cigarette has a reusable version called "VEEV one" and a disposable version called "VEEV now". It is claimed that all VEEV products can achieve 80% material reuse.


TACASA General Manager Sheldon Wood pointed out:


We are accelerating our research and development efforts to meet the diverse needs of adult smokers and nicotine consumers, encouraging them to switch to smokeless products.


The VEEV series e-cigarette features a pocket-sized design and comes in up to seven flavors including blueberry, strawberry, watermelon, mango, and blue mint. This device can be purchased at various locations such as Puma, Super 24, Shell, and Pedidos Ya, as well as different IQOS kiosks and IQOS stores in Auckland Plaza.


Through VEEV, TACASA has transformed Guatemala into the country in Central America with the widest range of smoke-free products. Since 2017, the country has been supplying IQOS devices for heated tobacco, and in 2023, they introduced a more advanced version called ILUMA.


Now, VEEV is already on the market, and TACASA expects that there will be more smoke-free products entering the Guatemala market in the future.


Wu emphasized,


We have successfully transitioned approximately 23,000 adult smokers in Guatemala to our smoke-free products, resulting in the country reducing the burning of over 185 million cigarettes by the end of 2023.


We always emphasize that the best thing anyone can do is never start smoking. If you do smoke, you should quit. But if you don't want to quit, you should have the option to choose alternative products that are lower risk than cigarettes. Our diverse range of smoke-free products is the most comprehensive alternative available, and it is key to achieving our goal of a future without cigarettes.


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