TPE24 | Interview with Aroma King: Boss Bar to Expand in US Nationwide in 2024

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TPE24 | Interview with Aroma King: Boss Bar to Expand in US Nationwide in 2024
On February 2nd, US e-cigarette and nicotine pouch brand Aroma King revealed plans to expand in the US market.

On February 2nd, in the final day of the TPE24 exhibition in the western time zone of the United States, 2FIRSTS had the opportunity to interview Aroma King, a well-known American brand in the e-cigarette and nicotine pouch industry.


Aroma King staff introduced to 2FIRSTS that Boss Bar is an e-cigarette brand under Aroma King, headquartered in Poland with production in Poland as well. Aroma King has multiple branch offices worldwide, currently being listed in markets such as Dubai, the UK, the US, Belgium, France, and Germany. However, the primary focus of product sales still lies in the European market. Additionally, Aroma King is currently in negotiation with potential distributors. Aroma King staff expressed that Boss Bar plans to launch nationwide in the US by 2024.


In a discussion with Aroma King staff, 2FIRSTS inquired about the current state of the nicotine pouch market in the United States. The Aroma King staff responded by stating that Zyn continues to dominate the market, although they believe that there is room for improvement in its quality, particularly in terms of moisture and flavor. Additionally, the staff noted that there is a notable distinction between nicotine pouch products in the United States and Europe, with European products generally exhibiting higher moisture levels, which enhances the flavor experience, while American products tend to be drier.


Staff at Aroma King have informed 2FIRSTS that their nicotine pouch products come in two specifications: a box containing 20 pouches and another containing 25 pouches. Currently, the average usage among users is one box per day, although heavy users may consume between 4 to 7 boxes a day. Aroma King staff revealed, "The nicotine pouch market experienced a growth of over 30% worldwide in 2023. We plan to collaborate with more distributors while reducing the nicotine content in our products to align with relevant standards in the United States.


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