UK Customs Seizes Illegal e-Cigarettes at Heathrow Airport

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UK Customs Seizes Illegal e-Cigarettes at Heathrow Airport
UK customs and MHRA crack down on e-cigarette products at Heathrow Airport, seizing illegal products without chance to react.

On June 27th, a reliable source informed 2FIRSTS that the UK customs, in collaboration with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), conducted a thorough inspection of a large number of e-cigarette products at Heathrow Airport (LHRAirport).


According to the source, "This inspection was very strict, and if something was found, it was immediately confiscated without a chance to appeal." They explained that in March of this year, the MHRA and customs were already working together to enforce regulations at the LHR airport, resulting in the seizure of many products.


According to previous reports, trade standard departments across the UK have confiscated over 2.5 million illegal e-cigarettes in the past three years. In the town of Hounslow near Heathrow Airport, a significant point of entry for illegal trading, law enforcement officials have already seized over 1.35 million e-cigarettes. This area has been a priority for law enforcement agencies.


According to UK law, it is only legal to sell disposable e-cigarettes with a capacity of 2 millilitres (approximately 600 puffs). Any action exceeding this limit is considered illegal.


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