PMI Korea Launches New IQOS ILUMA Pod Flavors

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PMI Korea Launches New IQOS ILUMA Pod Flavors
Philip Morris International (PMI) Korea has launched IQOS ILUMA exclusive pods "TEREA Oasis Pearl" and "TEREA Sun Pearl", offering unique flavors.

According to a report by South Korean CNET on September 14, Philip Morris International (PMI) has launched exclusive pods for its IQOS ILUMA device in the Korean market. The pods are called "TEREA Oasis Pearl" and "TEREA Sun Pearl".


The new 'TEREA Oasis Pearl' and 'TEREA Sun Pearl' are both explosive pearl pod products that create two different sensations when the pearls burst in the mouth. The Oasis Pearl offers a refreshing and sweet taste, while the Sun Pearl provides a cool and invigorating sensation. Both of these products utilize advanced filtration technology to enhance the overall fresh feeling.


The TEREA series consists of 13 e-liquid flavors, including 2 regular flavors, 4 refreshing flavors, and 7 special flavors, catering to the diverse taste preferences of users of the IQOS ILUMA series. The latest addition to the lineup, called "Pearl," introduces two new e-liquid flavors. These new products are now available in major convenience stores in South Korea, priced at 4,800 Korean won.


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