The Changing Taste Trend in Malaysia's e-Cigarette Market.

The Changing Taste Trend in Malaysia's e-Cigarette Market.
With the shift from open to disposable e-cigarettes in Malaysia, consumers' taste preferences have also changed.

As the Malaysian e-cigarette market transitions from open systems to disposable ones, consumers' preferences are also changing. On August 11th, 2FIRSTS interviewed the head of Malaysian local e-cigarette brand VAULT VAPE at the Mavis e-cigarette exhibition. He stated that the Malaysian e-cigarette audience can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the Chinese community, who prefer cool and icy flavors, while local Malaysians tend to prefer sweeter tastes.

Hafiidzzu, CEO of Mavis Exhibition Organizer, addressed this point by stating that the tastes of Malaysian consumers are gradually shifting from creamy flavors to refreshing fruit flavors.

Hafiidzzu states that Chinese manufacturers are adept at adjusting their products according to local preferences, allowing their e-liquids to seamlessly blend into the Malaysian market. The success of these flavor adjustments poses a significant challenge for local e-liquid producers in Malaysia, who are now tasked with innovating and catering to ever-changing consumer demands.

In 2018 and 2019, Malaysia emerged as a hub for diverse e-cigarette flavors, being regarded as one of the markets with the widest range of e-cigarette flavors. The market predominantly favored creamy flavors, giving Malaysia's e-cigarettes a distinctive touch. However, a significant shift has occurred in the industry as Chinese factories have adapted to global tastes. With consumers turning to disposable e-cigarettes, most people now prefer sweet and refreshing fruit flavors.

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