Brazil's Anvisa Maintains Ban on E-Cigarettes

Brazil's Anvisa Maintains Ban on E-Cigarettes
Brazil's Anvisa decided to maintain the ban on e-cigarettes, with plans to enforce it better and reduce demand.

The Brazilian federal health regulatory agency, Anvisa, has voted to maintain the ban on electronic cigarettes in the country that has been in place since 2009.


The board members agreed to continue prohibiting the sales, imports and marketing of electronic cigarette products. They also approved further discussions on how to improve the implementation of the ban and reduce the demand for electronic cigarettes in the future.


The meeting lasted for over four hours, during which government officials, experts, and activists gave speeches. Only one person opposed the ban - a lawyer from Phimo International.


Despite the ban, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in Brazil, particularly among young people. A recent telephone survey revealed that smokers make up approximately 12% of the country's total population, while 20% of Brazilians aged 18 to 24 use e-cigarettes.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning in their latest global report on tobacco use, stating that e-cigarettes are becoming a gateway for young people to start using other nicotine products, such as traditional cigarettes.


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