Czech Proposes Increased Taxes on Tobacco Products

Regulations by Vincent Yi; Ashe Wong
Czech Proposes Increased Taxes on Tobacco Products
Czech Finance Minister proposes higher taxes on tobacco, heated tobacco, and introduces e-cigarette taxes.

The Czech government, according to documents submitted by Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura, plans to raise the tobacco consumption tax, levy more on heated tobacco, and introduce new taxes on e-cigarettes. 


The proposal suggests a 10% increase in tobacco consumption tax in 2023, with a further 5% increase annually between 2025 and 2027. Taxes on heated tobacco, currently at a fifth of traditional tobacco, would rise to 29% by 2024. New taxes on e-cigarettes would be aligned with the European Tobacco Directive (TPD). 


This comes after an increase in consumption tax in 2023, which has already led to a rise in cigarette prices. However, the proposal is still under government discussion and legislative process and will take into account public health, fiscal revenue, and market conditions.

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