FEELM TURBO: Revolutionary Ceramic Coil Solution for E-cigarettes

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FEELM TURBO: Revolutionary Ceramic Coil Solution for E-cigarettes
FEELM announces the launch of the ceramic coil e-cigarette solution, FEELM TURBO, with a thickness of 14mm, offering improved performance and flavor.

According to a report from the American Press Agency on February 1st, e-cigarette company FEELM has announced the launch of a ceramic coil e-cigarette solution called FEELM TURBO, with a body thickness of 14mm.


FEELM TURBO technology is capable of adapting to two main categories of atomizers, namely disposable atomizers and Pod systems. According to FEELM, when compared to other dual MESH products in the market, FEELM TURBO offers an 80% improvement in performance, providing a more flavorful experience. FEELM TURBO utilizes a constant power engine technology, ensuring consistent taste and vapor production throughout the lifespan of the product.


In TURBO, the e-cigarette liquid utilization rate reaches 98%, compared to cotton-based products that can reach up to 15,000 puffs. With the FEELM TURBO solution, the same amount of e-cigarette liquid can reach over 18,000 puffs. Additionally, the FEELM TURBO adopts a maze leak-proof technology to isolate the e-cigarette liquid and solve the issue of leakage.


FEELM Turbo offers multiple usage modes. Consumers who enjoy a strong and explosive vapor experience can choose the "Turbo" mode. For those who prefer a smoother and more seamless vapor experience, the "Smooth" mode is available for selection.


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